Across the Map

by lincolnshirepeasant

Over the last three days I have walked from one end of the peak district to the other, right the way across an OS map. Along the way we have seen a great many things; from cows with groovy hairstyles to perilous marshes where many a hardened hiker has met their end. Accompanying me were three companions, all of which were called Joe, which caused considerable confusion. I will recount my tale in three parts.

We began our trek from the side of Carsington reservoir, where I had canoed previously. The first day passed slowly yet surely as we trudged through the green hills under a startlingly pleasant sky. Spirits were high and the pace leisurely; we had time enough to explore the jutting outcrops of rocks and tumbled down shepherds huts that dotted the landscape.

Joe, enjoying a well deserved rest atop Carsington Summit.

After my last venture into the Peak District, I was amazed when we reached our camp site for that night with no incidents more serious than a slight cut. While Joe and I set up the tents, Joe and Joe cooked the evenings meal on a rather battered Trangia Stove.

The next day we were awoken before sunrise by a series of hideous screeches that reverberated around the camp site and our skulls. Unable to sleep any longer, we rose and set out to find the source of this beastly noise. Tracking it to a nearby stable, we discovered several peacocks prancing about proudly as they went about their business of rousing us innocent campers. While they look a noble bird in photographs, their voice has a very special quality, which fills you with the desire to see the wretched things cooking over a camp fire.